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  • Ham

    Herterich Cured Roasted Hams

    Cured on site in the traditional way,
    our hams are then carefully and slowly
    cooked for days until sufficiently
    moist and tender.
  • spiced beef

    Herterich Famouse Spiced Beef

    Our Gold Medal winning Spiced Beef,
    made from a secret spice cure
    that's been passed through the
    Herterich family for generations.
  • Sausages

    Herterich Famous Sausages

    Our award winning sausages come in 5
    delicious flavours - and if that's not enough
    we'll custom make sausage to your own recipe
    (we promise to keep it a secret)
  • Pork Belly

    Herterich Pork Belly

     We score the skin so you enjoy
    that extra crispiness and,
    if you prefer, we'll stuff it with
    our homemade savoury stuffing

    Herterich Chicken Roulade

    Suculent chicken breast
    stuffed with our savoury stuffing
    and rolled in our streaky bacon.
    Perfect for any time of the year.

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You are very welcome to our website and online butchers shop. We want you to enjoy our wonderful artisan butchers products that we have for sale and discover the famous Herterich Butchers "Taste of Quality". Indeed as well as our fine meat products we also want you to experience our second to none customer service that has served us so well through the years.
We are delighted to be able to now bring you over 100 years of speciality food production online. We are passionate about food producers that manufacture an exquisite range of products including sausages, black and white puddings and speciality hams amongst others. Herterich Butchers also fully prepare and manufacture our award winning spiced beef on the premises.
Your coments and feedback on our website are always most welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You Design, We Make!

herterich sausages homeIn tandem with our traditional value of listening to our customers this is where you get the chance to shine! Why not give us your recipe (we promise to keep it a secret!),  we would be delighted to manufacture a batch for you. more information

Award Winning International Sausages

international-sausagesDid you know that we have won awards - Regional Champion no less! - for our international sausages such as the German Bratwurst and the South African Boerewors. We can manufacture a batch just for you.

Butchery Demonstrationsbutcher demo

See how our Master Butchers prepare our traditional dishes using quality ingredients and the finest techniques. more information