Master Butcher Demonstrations

Preparing the Perfect Pork Belly

The master butcher ensures his knife is sharp before working with the pork belly.
The incisions should be close together and just piercing the skin
and not cutting deep into the meat below. This ensures the best crackling.
The rib is removed in one piece,
being careful not to remove too much meat with the bone.
The master butcher places a row of his freshly prepared
savoury stuffing along the middle of the now boneless pork belly.
Using a stitching tool not unlike a needle the butcher begins to
tie up the belly preventing the stuffing from falling out during cooking.
The master butcher uses a self looking knot on the twine,
keeping his stitches evenly spaced along the pork belly.
Slicing the finished product in half reveals the structure and texture of the stuffed pork belly.
Rub the skin with olive oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper then slow roast
for a delicious dish that does not cost the earth.